November 04th 2022

Outstanding Performance at the Wilhelm-Auerswald Award

With his dissertation, Manuel Berger, Ph.D. placed among the six finalists for the Wilhelm Auerswald Prize 2022

Every year, the Wilhelm-Auerswald Prize is awarded for the best dissertations submitted at an Austrian medical university. This year, Manuel Berger, Ph.D. Research Associate in the Department of Medical & Health Technologies, was ranked among the six finalists with his dissertation "Simulation-based prediction of resection zones in rhinology."

In his dissertation, Manuel Berger focused on computer-assisted simulation to improve the planning of operations in the nasal cavity and to increase the success of the operation to improve nasal breathing.

The topics of the six finalists were presented on October 4, 2022 in a 10-minute speech at the Billrothhaus at the Society of Physicians in Vienna, moderated by Prof. Dr. Johannes Mlczoch. After the presentation, there was a 5-minute discussion where the presenters had to defend their work. Among the finalists, Manuel Berger was the only one who submitted a dissertation in the field of medical technology. The other five submitted dissertations focused on purely medical topics.

Congratulations to Manuel on his excellent work!

Further information on Manuel Berger's dissertation and the results are available here:

Rhinology: Manuel Berger, PhD Dissertation


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Congratulations to Manuel Berger for his outstanding performance! ©Berger