September 07th 2023

The Office, Part 7: PhD in Progress

In the blog series "The Office: Behind the Scenes of your Med-Tech Department", we introduce you to the team of Medical & Health Technologies, which is responsible for the organization and design of your daily study routine.

Who is Anna-Sophie Käferböck?
She is our scientific all-rounder in the field of medical engineering, who works diligently on her dissertation as well as in research and teaching in the department.

In the following, we give you an exclusive look behind the scenes of the Medical & Health Technologies department and introduce you to our PhD student Anna-Sophie. 


Position: PhD student

Area of responsibility: Teaching of the courses anatomy, physiology and pathology, user experience and usability as well as wearables. Further responsible for the supervision of student theses, research activities in the Health Tech research cluster and writing of the dissertation in the area of neonatal ventilation technology for premature and newly born infants.

Education / Career: Smart Homes and Assistive Technologies, FH Technikum Vienna (Bachelor), Health Assisting Engineering, FH Campus Vienna (Master), Doctoral Program Medical Sciences, PMU Salzburg (PhD)

At MCI: In July 2022, Anna-Sophie joined our Medical Technologies department

Favorite task / area:
"The most exciting aspect of this job is definitely the good mix of activities: on the one hand, offering interesting teaching and, on the other hand, working on fascinating research questions together with colleagues. In between, I do a bit of PhD work and gain some experiences of the processes by working in hospitals."

This is what the team says about Anna-Sophie:
Anna-Sophie is a powerful woman and a true all-rounder, whether in terms of organizational matters, teaching or research. She knows her way around and is very motivated to develop the department. Anna-Sophie is always cheerful, puts the team in a good mood and makes us all laugh with her "Wiener-Schmäh" (Viennese humor). Furthermore, she is always open to any kind of activities with her colleagues outside of work. We are happy that Anna-Sophie has decided to write her dissertation here and that we can count her as a member of our department.


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In action: Anna-Sophie Käferböck. ©Singer