October 12th 2023

International cooperation: Medical & Health Technologies in China

Head of department Daniel Sieber as visiting professor at Shenzhen Technology University

As part of the International Teaching Week 2023 at Shenzhen Technology University SZTU, the head of the Department of Medical & Health Technologies at MCI Daniel Sieber has been nominated as a visiting professor at SZTU.

Shenzhen is an important location for Chinese technology companies, which has led to the fact that Shenzhen has experienced rapid growth and is now the third largest city in China. In 2018, Shenzhen Technology University opened as a local university of applied sciences based on the successful model of German-language universities of applied sciences.

As part of SZTU's International Teaching Week 2023, a delegation of professors from MCI travelled to China to exchange ideas with local colleges and to teach students at SZTU. As part of this event, Daniel Sieber met the faculty at SZTU's College of Health Sciences and accepted the nomination as Visiting Professor from the Rector.

Daniel Sieber's tightly packed program for the week included lectures on minimally invasive procedures, digital twins in healthcare, and a tour of the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD and the Futian district administration.

In our complex world, international networking remains an important success factor. In addition, fostering connections with international partners provides unique insights for MCI students and faculty members.

Daniel Sieber is very grateful for this great opportunity and the experience he has gained and hopes to continue his exchange with the Shenzhen University of Technology in the future.