November 27th 2023

Master's students experience live broadcast of cochlear implant surgery

MCI, MED-EL and ENT Clinic Innsbruck enable unique learning experience for students of Medical Technologies

In the constantly evolving field of medical engineering, gaining practical insights into the clinical application of medical devices is paramount for aspiring professionals. Recognizing this, the MCI master's program of Medical Technologies has recently provided a unique opportunity for its students to witness a live transmission of a cochlear implantation surgical procedure at a local university hospital.

The surgical procedure unfolded at the surgical theatre of the Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) department of the , where a patient underwent a transformative SYNCHRONY 2 hearing implantation by MED-EL. This invaluable experience aimed to familiarize students with the intricate clinical environment in which cutting-edge medical devices are deployed. Upon initiation, students were given a comprehensive overview of the surgical setup and the patient's medical history. The immersive learning experience allowed them to witness each stage of the surgical procedure, from mastoidectomy and posterior tympanotomy to gain access to the middle ear cavity, to round window access to the inner ear, and finally, the successful insertion of a FLEX28 cochlear implant electrode. The success of this educational endeavour owes much to the expertise of Professor Schmutzhard and his team of skilled professionals. Their guidance and insights provided students with a deeper understanding of the surgical process and the significance of the implanted SYNCHRONY 2 hearing device. Thanks to MED-EL, a leading manufacturer of hearing implant technologies, played a vital role in making this possible. The company graciously opened its facilities and provided the necessary setup for the live transmission, displaying its commitment to advancing medical education.

The MCI Department of Medical & Health Technologies thanks Professor Schmutzhard and the surgical team for generously sharing their expertise and creating a conducive learning environment. Additionally, we want to thank MED-EL for their invaluable support in facilitating the live broadcast.

This immersive experience offered the students of the Medical Technologies master's program another chance to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Witnessing a live cochlear implantation surgery allows them to comprehend the intricacies of medical procedures, understand the challenges faced in a clinical setting, and appreciate the collaborative efforts of medical professionals and industry leaders. The live transmission of the cochlear implantation surgery marks a significant milestone in the MCI master’s program, emphasizing its commitment to providing students with hands-on experiences that enrich their understanding of medical engineering. By fostering collaborations with renowned professionals and companies, MCI continues to pave the way for the next generation of medical engineers who will shape the future of healthcare technology.

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