June 02nd 2023

Four MCI Graduates Receive Health Research Award

Graduates of the master's program in International Health & Social Management achieve outstanding results at the Health Research Award 2023

In May 2023, the Austrian Network of Universities of Applied Sciences for Health awarded the Health Research Award for the twelfth time as part of the ÖGPH Conference. This award recognizes exceptional master's theses by graduates of Austrian universities of applied sciences in the field of health, focusing on international and national future issues in healthcare.

The MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® is proud to announce remarkable results: Four graduates of the master's program in International Health & Social Management were honored in three different categories.

  • Verena Rössler received first place in the "Healthcare Provision" category with her work titled „The role of the social determinants of health in the Austrian medical education“. The aim of this thesis was to investigate how the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) are integrated into the Austrian medical education system and to conduct an initial qualitative study on the role of SDoH for Austrian medical students.
  • In the "Health Promotion" category, Leigh Crosset achieved second place with her work titled „Health and poverty in times of the pandemic: a qualitative study on the health and health-related challenges faced by poverty-affected people in Tyrol, Austria” The master's thesis aimed to identify the challenges faced by this specific population due to the pandemic and to identify potential gaps in formal support.
  • In the "Healthcare Management" category, MCI celebrates Gilles Bernard's second-place win. His work titled "Clinical ethics in Austria: current practice, comparison to the North American experience and the future outlook" provided an overview of the current clinical ethics practice in Austria and identified barriers hindering qualitative ethical practices.
  • Laura Ringel achieved third place in the same category with her work titled "THE INFLUENCE OF PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS ON THE HEALTHCARE WORKFORCE IN GERMAN PATIENT CARE." This thesis examined the integration of physician assistants in German inpatient care and what barriers and facilitators can be identified in this process by health experts internationally.

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Walch, Program Director of International Health & Social Management at MCI, is proud of the great success: "The recognition of four graduates demonstrates that students at MCI are provided with the right tools to engage in practical and innovative discussions on future issues in healthcare. Congratulations to our award winners!"