February 01st 2024

Semester Abroad at the University of Oslo

Diana Sziváková, a student of the master's program International Health & Social Management, reports about her semester abroad in Norway

I was very pleased to spend the fall semester of 2023 at MCI partner university in Oslo, Norway. Despite initial hesitation in choosing Oslo as my Erasmus destination owing to the notoriety of high living cost and harsh winters, the experience exceeded my expectations and proved to be extremely rewarding both academically and culturally.

The University of Oslo campus stands out as the true center of student life, hosting not only lectures but also a wide selection of bars and restaurants, an imposing library, and other gathering places of numerous associations that cater for every thinkable interest. 

Academically, I was happy about the possibility to choose subjects designed for the Economic Evalution in Healthcare specialization and to study alongside Eu-HEM counterparts. 

Although Norwegians are known for being introverted, it was nevertheless very enriching to come into contact with the Nordic mentality and see how it is reflected in the environment, architecture and relationship with nature. Finally, Oslo is also a great place for exploring the beauty that other parts of Norway have to offer.