February 15th 2024

Innovative Solutions for Health Challenges

Student projects from the course "Entrepreneurship for Current Global Issues"

The elective course 'Entrepreneurship for Current Global Issues’ offered in the first semester demonstrates the high practice orientation of the master's program in International Health & Social Management. The course is designed to bridge theory and practice, providing students with a unique opportunity to tackle real-world challenges in the area of policy-making through a hands-on experience in developing project ideas and corresponding proposals. It not only equips students with comprehensive knowledge about EU funding programs, enabling them to navigate the complex landscape of project funding in health-related management, but also exposes them to the intricacies of EU projects. The teaching and facilitation approaches aim to foster a collaborative and multidisciplinary environment that emulates real-world scenarios students may encounter in their professional journeys.

The centerpiece of the course is a case study competition, where students participate in a mock project proposal writing task and this competition stimulates an action-oriented approach to learning, encouraging students to generate information and knowledge themselves. In the fall semester of 2023/24, the course culminated in the presentation of three outstanding projects that demonstrated the true spirit of innovation and passion.

It is our pleasure to share the projects and announce the winning project of the Case Study Competition:

COPD Airpulse:

With the aim to enhance the quality of life of COPD patients (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) by providing comprehensive support across various aspects of life with the condition, ‘Airpulse’ is an idea that developed from recognizing the absence of a cure. The objective to improve or sustain their well-being is partly met through the app’s feature that responds to global environmental changes with regards to air quality. Going beyond conventional symptom management, the app empowers users to interpret air quality indicators and receive personalized notifications about potential health risks. This, in turn, promotes proactive care in self-management of COPD.


This app is designed to guide diabetics and prediabetics toward better self-management. Available on smartphones and unlike other related applications that currently exist, DiaVita will be medically licensed for clinical applications as a ‘holistic, customizable support tool’. The app aims empower patients in better management of the disease burden, especially for newly-diagnosed patients or prediabetics. Some special features of the app include the transformation of crucial data such as HbA1c into graphical interpretations that can facilitate educational objectives, as well as garnering direct social support from the patients’ network in disease management.


The winning project for the Case Study Competition is NurSense. It is an AI-driven safety device that employs sound and motion detection to identify safety-related signals which, in turn, prompt responses from nurses to potential fall risks in hospitals. Recognition of these signals is achieved through machine learning, where pooled data is used to continually inform device functionality, effectiveness and responsiveness to emerging health risks. In addition, with a user-driven approach, NurSense compiles a library of music and personas that creates a conducive environment for hospital stays. To enhance the practical usability and relevance of the device to serve the day-to-day needs of healthcare workers such as nurses, regularly scheduled simulation testing involving these users will be implemented and evaluated against established key performance indicators. All in all, NurSense is inspired by the commitment to strengthen the resilience of healthcare systems in face of demographic and workforce challenges.

To sum up, this elective course goes beyond conventional teaching approaches by immersing students in a practical and action-oriented learning experience. By focusing on real-world challenges and providing a platform for project-based learning, the course nurtures skills essential for future leaders in the health and social management sector of today. The success of the projects developed during the fall of 2023/24 course demonstrates the students' ability to innovate and address pressing issues in health policy, setting a precedent for future cohorts and highlighting the program's goal in preparing professionals to assume impactful roles in the global health and social arena.