September 20th 2019

MCI at EPE'19

From 2nd to 6th september 2019, the “21st European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications” (EPE ECCE 2019) took place in Genova. It is an annual conference for sharing know-how in the areas of power electronics, systems and applications. This year, the MCI was part of it with the scientific publication „Class-E/Φ2 6.78 MHz HD-GiT-GaN based Amplifiers for WPT Systems“. Core of this work is a transient analysis of two power amplifiers for efficient wireless power transfer. Maurizio Incurvati and Martin Schiestl, both from the Mechatronics study program, were answering questions from interested correspondents of science and industry. New contacts and fresh impulses for continued research are the result of such an intensive exchange. This is why the EPE ECCE is a great platform for networking and discussing state-of-the art research. Next year the EPE 2020 will take place in Lyon and the MCI is already looking forward to contributing another scientific work.