December 01st 2022

Guest lecture „As Professional to Director Operations“ at the department industrial Engineering & Management

Valuable input about career steps in practice: from graduation to leadership

Thomas Karcher completed his doctoral studies in 1991 at the University of Regensburg (Germany). His main focus during his studies was Physical-Organic Chemistry. During his work in laboratories, he clarified reaction mechanisms by using semi-empirical calculation methods. Dr. Karcher gave us an interesting insight into his career path. He put a special focus on his challenges being a manager.

He began working in a chemical company as a laboratory manager within the department of research and development. Later, he changed into the production unit within the same company as his focus included working with people and taking over leadership. Shortly after, he received the responsibility of a huge and complex range of tasks with 6 subsidiaries in Germany and UK and over 1.100 employees.

The students raised interesting questions, which Dr. Karcher answered authentically. Now, Dr. Karcher is an independent Business Coach and supports people in their further personal development. According to Dr. Karcher, you need to know by yourself, if you want to become a manager with lots of responsibility or not. If you are not sure about this position, you should not try to slip into it. Characteristics as authenticity, emotional stability or diligence are few examples that stand for opportunities of success. With the slogan “nobody is perfect”, Dr. Karcher motivated our students to push their future career. However, for these positions, learning processes and experiences are precious requirements.

Dr. Karcher did not accept opinionated behavior of employees in the working environment and in a company. Instead, he felt proud, when his employees developed themselves, reached responsibility or took next career steps. Employer’s individual success stories were placed at highest interest for Dr. Karcher.

An outlook to our next online event: Four of our Alumni will talk about their success stories after graduation and which career steps they set. Within an open discussion, they will talk about their experiences as “WINGs in Consulting”. Be part of our next, interesting evening event!