June 15th 2023


Master's student Eileen Schuchert on her participation in the European Student Assembly 2023 in Strasbourg

Eileen Schuchert is a master’s student in her second semester in Industrial Engineering & Management. She was selected during the application process for the only available place to participate in the European Student Assembly 2023 in Strasbourg, and shares her impressions and experiences.

"On May 31, 2023, students from 28 countries met in Strasbourg to discuss the future of Europe and work on concrete proposals to bring them directly to the European Parliament. This form of direct democracy gives European students the chance to play an active role in shaping Europe and to participate politically. In total, there were ten topics on which the students were divided according to their expertise, so that each team consisted of a mix of nationalities and disciplines.

As a member of "Panel 3 - Energy", we developed concrete ideas and proposals on the question "How to secure fair and sustainable access to energy in Europe at different levels?”. On the first day, we met at the EU Parliament for the introductory day, which included a special tour of its meeting rooms. On the second day, we finalized our proposals, which we had worked out independently in small groups in the weeks before. For elaboration, we reviewed the already existing EU laws, directives and regulations that were passed in the last few years and already addressed our question. What was striking was how much the EU has done in recent years for a European energy policy, mainly driven by climate change and the energy crisis triggered by the Russian war. Examples such as the European Green Deal show that something is moving in policy and legislation, forcing national governments to act.

On the last day, all 230 students voted democratically on the more than 80 proposals from ten panels, which were then presented to Ms Anne Sander, a deputy member of the EU Parliament. On our panel, we worked on the following topcis:

Panel 3 - Energy:

  • 3.1 Enhance the accuracy of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
  • 3.2 Use savings from renovation to repay the loans
  • 3.3 Prevent Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) contradicting with Environmental Law
  • 3.4 Implement risk assesment plan for securing value chains of low-carbon technologies
  • 3.5 Set European targets for phasing out subsidies of fossil fuels
  • 3.6 Reduce bureaucracy via digitalisation
  • 3.7 Create a directive that develops a mechanism to map public engagement with energy to inform policy-makers
  • 3.8 Enforce compulsory adoption of low-energy district heating from waste heat,
    where technically possible.

In summary, it was a very enriching experience to participate in ESA23. I met many great people from all over Europe and was able to work with them on the future of Europe. In the union of so many nations and cultures and as the representative of 446 million people, the EU can really make a difference globally by setting a consensus of values that, for example, international companies must adhere to. No matter from which nation, we are all more similar than we think and together we can all really make a difference!"

Dear Eileen, thank you for sharing your insights into the European Student Assembly 2023 with us. We wish you all the best!