July 18th 2023


Our students report on the final phase of their studies

Our master's students of the class 2021 report about their final excursion, which they spent in Matrei am Brenner.

"The master's seminar in Matrei was a significant event for students heading end of their master's studies. It provided a valuable opportunity to reflect their journey so far and explore future perspectives. In a supportive and inspiring environment, participants were able to share experiences and gain new insights.

Reflecting their journey so far allowed students to appreciate the knowledge and skills they had acquired and to recognize their personal development. By sharing experiences and challenges, they were able to learn from each other and gain valuable insights. Discussions about the future revealed that an industrial engineer can pursue a variety of career paths. Some are considering doctoral studies to further specialization, while others are pursuing leadership positions. A wide variety of ideas, such as taking time off from professional life or becoming self-employed, were also discussed. The variety of plans and goals expressed the flexibility and versatility of an industrial engineer.

There was a particular focus on the importance of part-time study. The students agreed that although it requires a lot of support from their private and professional environment, it is also a valuable enrichment. The direct application of the learned knowledge in professional practice made much of the content from the lectures more tangible and logical. The connection between theory and practice was strengthened, which improved the understanding and applicability of the acquired competencies.

The master's seminar in Matrei strengthened the students' self-confidence and motivation for the final phase of their studies. It provided a platform for valuable reflections on the path taken so far and opened up various perspectives for the future. The variety of plans expressed and the importance of part-time studies illustrate that an industrial engineer has a wide range of options to create a successful and fulfilling career."

Dear students, thank you very much for this personal insight into your graduation phase. We wish you great success in writing your master's thesis and all the best for your future. Your Department of Industrial Engineering & Management.