March 12th 2021

First Online Winter Program at MCI Successfully Completed

Great feedback from our international students on the first online MCI© winter Program.

For the first time our winter program took place completely online this year with the sensational number of 58 participants from all over the world (Australia, Brazil, Finland, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, Uruguay, USA, Vietnam). We welcomed especially students coming from South America. For the first time, we had a large number of students from our partners in this region.

Both sides – students and lecturers – enjoyed this year’s winter school. The students could at least virtually experience the international atmosphere and build friendships all over the globe.

Students praised the professionalism and the quality of teaching and content material at MCI and – at least from the pictures – they got a glance of Innsbruck. Many of them want to visit Innsbruck someday in person to enjoy its beautiful landscape.


Here you can read some comments on the program from one lecturer and from many participating students around the globe:

Prof. Dr. Angela Hofmann (senior lecturer, MCI): “In 2021, the “Renewable Energies” course was held entirely in an online format for the first time. It was performed in the modus of a “Student’s Conference”: beside daily key lectures on 4 different topics (energy policies, urban energy infrastructure, mobility and industry), students had the possibility to show the innovations in the field of renewable energies in their home country. At this virtual conference we gained inspiring views from different countries. It was an extraordinary experience!”


The students’ voices:

Silvia (Peru): “The classes had an excellent content with professors who are experts in their field and willing to help us with any doubts we may have, with excellent treatment and kindness. The virtual resources as well as the platforms provided to us adequately complemented the synchronous and asynchronous classes. The support from the international office was always good, they always responded to our queries. In all the courses and sessions there was always the opportunity to interact with colleagues from other universities with different perspectives and points of view of the topics discussed. This was very enriching and helpful to develop a multicultural vision.”

Victor (Brasil): “I could note that the material available is indeed of high quality and the teachers really know how to work with it. The content available is of very high quality and the teachers know how to explain it.
I enjoyed the quality of the material provided, it's indeed very different from most of the materials we have in my country. The teachers are also attentive and dedicated.”

Juan (Uruguay): “The overall quality was higher than the average. As 21st century programs we are meant to learn by ourselves rather than only absorb information; this program is a good example of it. We were encouraged to work a lot in presentations, makes the classes interactive.
Foreign teachers, international studies, and comparisons between countries are really enriching. Now I know a lot about water and electricity in Vietnam, Peru, India, Brazil, Finland, Turkey and more. You will meet foreign students from all the five continents and may have classes in a different language and in a different way of proceeding. This made me happy, time wasn´t wasted and lots of interactive courses are waiting for you!“

Trinh, Vietnam: “The professors are really good and enthusiastic. I [got familiar with] new tools used in teaching and learning.”

Mitchell (Australia): “The quality of the education system taught through MCI and therefore this program seemed to be of a high level with a commitment towards helping the students being evident.”

Sofia (Uruguay): „I loved this online exchange program, as it made me improve my English, get to know new people and cultures."