October 14th 2021

Successful Orientation Days

Welcome to 228 incoming students at MCI!

Last week, we had the pleasure to welcome our second batch of incoming exchange students for fall semester 2021. 31 different countries were represented - Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea, Latvia, Lesotho, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand,  Turkey, the UK, Uruguay and Vietnam. This year, most of our incoming students come from Italy (22), closely followed by French students (21).

Besides organizational issues concerning their studies at MCI and student life in Innsbruck, we also offered a city tour and a typical Tyrolian dinner with different “Knödel” (dumplings) – thus our incoming students could discover the Tyrolian culture with all senses.

We hope they enjoyed their first days at MCI and had fun during the orientation days - we surely did.

Dear students, it is nice to have you on campus again!

Further information on our international outreach