July 05th 2022

Bradford Summer School: perfect place to meet new people

Summer School at Bradford Univeristy with the topic Fighting for Justice – Delivering Social Value and Tackling Climate Action attracted Sebastian Thielen, MCI Master Student from International Health and Social Management. He shared his experience in small interview.

The topic and programme of the Summer School in Bradford immediately aroused my interest.
Especially after the climate conference in Glasgow at the end of 2021, the issue of climate
change was very present, and I wanted to deal with it even more and possibly contribute my
proposals for solutions. I had planned to participate in a summer school after the winter
semester of 2021, but it didn't fit in with my schedule. For this reason, I was delighted that I was
able to participate this time.

The University of Bradford, which currently holds the title of UK's Business School of the year,
invited fascinating keynote speakers from all over the world, many of them online. In addition,
excursions such as to Saltaire (Unesco World Heritage Site) were very varied and exciting. The
process, the organisation and the whole environment exceeded my expectations.

Other participants of the Summer School came from Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey, France, and Spain,
among others. The exchange with the other students was excellent; everyone was able to
contribute input from their own country when it came to various political and environmental
topics. The university organised multiple events so that you could network well and talk to many

Significant findings included how the major industrial nations deal individually with climate
change and its consequences. There are very diverse approaches and priorities that individual
countries have and implement. The university's sustainability programme presentation was also
exciting, followed by a discussion on possible changes or additions to the action plan.
Furthermore, the international students were allowed to stay in the student housing "The
Green", one of the most sustainable of its kind worldwide. It was exciting to see what special
attention is paid to and what innovations are necessary to live more sustainably.

All in all, they were challenging days, but I enjoyed them very much. The group work was
sometimes very exhausting with many long discussions, but also very enlightening and led to
great results. I had to move outside of my comfort zone, which is vital to develop and grow.

Absolutely. On the first day, we got a city tour and were told about the sights and plans
regarding changes the city wants to implement to make it even more sustainable. We also had
the opportunity to go into the city in the afternoon or evening due to the proximity of our
accommodation. Bradford has a long history which is reflected in the imposing buildings. There
is also an area called 'little Germany'. I liked the old town and would like to revisit Bradford in
the future.

My conclusion is that I am pleased to have taken the opportunity, and I highly recommend
everyone to apply for the International Masters Summer School in Bradford next year! It takes
place every year and is an opportunity not to be missed. It is the perfect place to meet new
people worldwide, exchange ideas and learn a lot.

Short Facts

Theme of summer school:
Fighting for Justice – Delivering Social Value and Tackling Climate Action

Place of the summer school:
Bradford, UK

Date of the summer school:
13. - 17. 06. 2022

Free for MCI students