September 27th 2023

IQS Summer Program - Studying and enjoying Barcelona

Exciting insights into the IQS Summer Program in Barcelona


In July 2023, Lea Schmiedt, MCI master's student in International Business & Management, participated in the summer program of the IQS Ramon Llull University, Barcelona.

She shared her experience in a short interview.


I decided to participate in the IQS Summer Program for several reasons. On the one hand, the diverse curriculum appealed to me, offering an exciting mix of different topics. In addition, the university has a very good reputation, which was equally important to me. And last but not least, I was attracted by the fact that the Summer School takes place in Barcelona.

The opportunity to work and learn together with students from all over the world was also an important factor for me.

My overall impression of the IQS Summer Program in Barcelona was thoroughly positive. The summer program offered a good mix of academic content and the opportunity to explore Barcelona. The courses 'Entrepreneurship', 'Investment in the Financial Markets' as well as 'Neuro- and Digital Marketing' were taught by IQS lecturers and entrepreneurs from the field. Particularly noteworthy was the interactive teaching approach and the focus on student collaboration.

The IQS Summer Program was well organized. Information was provided in time, and accommodation in the dormitory could be booked right away when registering for the Summer Program. The dormitory had modern single rooms and was only a 10-minute walk from the university. It was also good for getting to know other students right away.

The leisure program was also very good with many cultural and social activities. This allowed you to experience the culture and atmosphere of Barcelona up close.

The other participants came from China, Mexico, India, Austria, and Switzerland. This international diversity contributed significantly to the great experience. The collaboration in the group projects was interesting and instructive, as we were able to bring in different perspectives.

For me, the exchange with the participants from China and Mexico was particularly interesting. It was really exciting to learn about the cultures and different perspectives. It was great to have such a diverse group and to have new experiences together.

All in all, I am sure that the impressions and insights I gained during the summer program will accompany me personally and also in my future career

Occasionally there were a few small language barriers, especially during group work. All in all, however, we were able to communicate well. Otherwise, I had no problems.

Barcelona is a beautiful and diverse city. I especially liked the mix of modern architecture and historic quarters.

The social activities were a perfect complement to the academic program. Here we got a guided city tour, did a cooking class, went stand-up paddling and visited several sights. Of course, there was still enough free time to explore the city (bars, restaurants, cafes....) on our own.

The IQS Summer Program in Barcelona was a great experience for me. The balance between academic content, cultural experience, and social activities made the two weeks an intense and enriching time.

Despite the rather high participation fees, I can highly recommend the summer program.


Thank you very much, Lea Schmiedt, for your precious insights. Hopefully your report inspires other students to take the chance of participating in a summer school.

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Short Facts

Courses of the summer program:

Digital, Neuro, and Marketing Strategies to Business (3 ECTS)
How to invest (and survive) in the financial Markets (3 ECTS)
How to deal with the opportunity to turn an idea into an investable business (3 ECTS)

Place of the summer program:
Barcelona (Spain)

Dates of the summer program:
03.07.2023 - 14.07.2023

2,600 € including accomodation

Website of the IQS Summer Program