June 12th 2019

Research cooperation in the field of ion therapy

MCI is working with MedAustron to further develop ion therapy for the healing of tumors

MedAustron is a particle therapy and research center for cancer treatment located in Wiener Neustadt. The therapy is based on the use of protons and carbon ions, which are accelerated to the required energy to irradiate the total volume of the tumors with great accuracy and to better protect the surrounding tissue at the same time. To achieve the best possible results, state-of-the-art technology from the fields of physics, mechatronics, electronics and power electronics is used.

In the future, MCI's Mechatronics Department will collaborate with MedAustron to develop new technologies and improve the performance of existing and new facilities. In addition, students have the opportunity to complete internships at MedAustron and to work on various theses in the company. Subsequently, the cooperation will be deepened and additional research projects will be allocated.

For further information please contact us:

Maurizio Incurvati
Senior Lecturer Department Mechatronics
+43 512 2070 – 3936

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