December 09th 2019

Excellent research | Excellent researchers

Thomas Senfter receives three important prizes for his dissertation „Kontinuierliche Störstoffabscheidung in der Klärschlamm-Co-Fermentation mittels Zentrifugalabscheider“

Thomas Senfter is a long-term employee at the Industrial Engineering Department. After completing his studies Environmental, Process and Biotechnology (BSc, MSc) at MCI, at which Thomas Senfter achieved outstanding academic results, he decided to continue his academic career. In cooperation with the University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Technical Sciences, he investigated the optimization of the removal of contaminants from sewage sludge. The excellent outcome of his dissertation are already put into practice in various wastewater treatment plants in Tyrol.

His dissertation has now been awarded with several prizes:

  • Hans Roth Umweltpreis
  • Wissenschaftspreis der Wirtschaftskammer
  • Preis der Landeshauptstadt Innsbruck für Forschung und Innovation am MCI

The successes of Thomas Senfter are confirmation of the excellent cooperation between the MCI and the University of Innsbruck. We congratulate and wish continued success!