March 23rd 2020

How can you protect your horse against diet related diseases?

New research project started by research area Food Science & Biotechnology

The development and proof of novel recipes in equine nutrition with a view on the preservation of sensitive and important constituents is part of the new research project, funded by ThinkA GmbH. ThinkA GmbH distributes unique feed over their online platform Carevallo.

Equines are very special and sensitive in their nutritional requirements, depending on race, performance, age and medical history. All of these nutritional requirements often are contradictory to the gastrointestinal physiology of these animals. To make sure that the nutritional composition fits togheter with the animal requirement, a novel manufacturing process and preservation method is needed. It has to be ensured that the origin composition of raw material is equivalent to these of the end product. In the research project the usage of functional ingredients and alternative ways of production will be approved. Thus special sensitive ingredients like Vitamin C orβ-Carotene could be protected and process related damage could be minimized.

For further information please contact us:

Nataly Knöpfle
Teaching & Research Assistant
Department Food Technology and Nutrition
+43 512 2070 3854

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