August 28th 2020

RiT – Rehabilitation device in pocket size

New research project started in the field of Health Tech

Motor impairment after a stroke can be mitigated by frequent rehabilitation exercises. Currently employed robotic therapy devices are, however, often large and very expensive, wherefore they find their usage mainly in the context of inpatient rehabilitation treatment. In this regard, MCI has started a project funded by the aws to develop a portable, wearable and low-cost hand training device which can be used ubiquitously. The envisioned mechanism will support finger flexion/extension as well as wrist exercises. Furthermore, an interactive mobile application, interfacing with the device, will be implemented in order to increase the motivation for training. Overall, this will pave the way towards a decentralized, patient-specific, widely available therapy option for stroke patients.


For further information, please get in touch with:

Yeongmi Kim
Senior Lecturer Department Mechatronics & Smart Technologies
+43 512 2070 – 3933

New device for stroke patients for rehabilitation. Photo: MCI_Kim

New device for stroke patients for rehabilitation. Photo: MCI_Kim.

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