October 05th 2020

igniCOMB – Ignition and Combustion in Gas Engines

Development and optimization of ignition and combustion in gas engines

Gas engines represent an effective and reliable method for generating electricity and heat from combustible gases. Alternatives to natural gas include biogas and sewage gas, as there are great advantages over fossil fuels in terms of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. A further advantage is the possibility of converting and therefore disposing problem gases such as landfill gas. The demand for highly efficient gas engines, which can at the same time meet current and future emission legislations, is what motivates current research and development activities. The focus of the R&D activities is on the development and optimization of ignition and combustion processes with the aim of increasing efficiency by maintaining the lowest possible emissions.

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Lukas Möltner
Professor Department Industrial Engineering & Management
+43 512 2070 – 4132

Test Engine in Action at MCI.

Test Engine in Action. Photo: MCI.