November 30th 2020

Economically reasonable automation – even for small batch sizes

System for flexible machine equipment based on a collaborative robot system

For small batch sizes and changing products, classic, rigid automation of the machine assembly is usually not economically viable. As part of this research project, the concept of a system for flexible machine equipment based on a collaborative robot system is developed and implemented as a prototype. A particular focus here is on the associated flexible security concept.

The technical boundary conditions of the system are defined through an analysis of past and medium to long-term projected product specifics and batch sizes, so that workpiece feeding and removal, workpiece testing, workpiece marking and workpiece post-processing can be adapted more modularly and flexibly. Machine operators should also be able to configure the automation software using drag-and-drop without any programming knowledge. In order to be able to integrate further machines, controls and process peripherals in an economically sensible way in the future, the automation and software framework is also being developed in a modular manner.

For further information, please get in touch with:

Benjamin Massow
Lecturer Mechatronics & Smart Technologies
+43 512 2070 – 3924

Collaborative robot systems can be used for economical solutions for machine tendering of small batch sizes. ©AdobeStock/industrieblick.