February 09th 2021

Erasmus+ Project PIETE: New Issue of PIETE Magazine Issue 4 is out now

As part of the PIETE project (Partnership for Initial Entrepreneurship Teacher Education), the latest issue of PIETE Magazine has been published.

The new issue of PIETE Magazine Issue 4 is out now!

This time with exciting contributions on the following topics:

  • The Entrepreneurial School® as a Role Model to foster Entrepreneurship Education in Initial Teacher Education
  • Does a Person from a Smaller Town Have Fewer Opportunities to Develop Entrepreneurship Skills?
  • How Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation Affect Entrepreneurial Skills and Initial Teacher Education?
  • And much more!

Are you also interested in the progress of the project? Then take a look at our latest video series on the PIETE outputs! The PIETE project (Partnership for Initial Entrepreneurship Teacher Education) is an Erasmus + initiative that brings entrepreneurship experts together with educators in order to promote the development of entrepreneurial skills in teacher training. All information about the project and the partners, as well as much more can be found at https://www.entrepreneurialteachers.eu/.

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