October 01st 2021

Erasmus+ Project PIETE: New Issue of PIETE Magazine Issue 5 is out now

Erasmus+ Project PIETE: New Issue of PIETE Magazine Issue 5 is out now

As part of the PIETE project (Partnership for Initial Entrepreneurship Teacher Education), the latest issue of the PIETE Magazine has been published..

The new issue of PIETE Magazine Issue 5 is out now!

This time with exciting contributions on the following topics:

  • IFTE – Unlocking the entrepreneurial potential of our younger generations
  • “And the winner is…” – How teachers become educators of the year
  • Students develop entrepreneurial competences with the help of the German business plan competition “Jugend gründet”
  • Special course targeting international students, “Entrepreneurship Culture and Education” at the University of Szeged
  • Entrepreneurship in initial primary teacher education

The PIETE project is an Erasmus+ initiative that brings entrepreneurship experts together with educators in order to promote the development of entrepreneurial skills in teacher training. All information about the project and the partners, as well as much more can be found at https://www.entrepreneurialteachers.eu/.

The MCI PIETE-Team is more than happy to get in touch and to answer any further questions:

MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®

Anita Zehrer: anita.zehrer@mci.edu

Desiree Wieser: desiree.wieser@mci.edu

Christine Pirhofer: christine.pirhofer@mci.edu

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PIETE Magazine Issue 5. ©PIETE

PIETE Magazine Issue 5. ©PIETE

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