November 18th 2021

Optimization and deepening of knowledge process stage pyrolysis - PyTail

Research project examines thermochemical process of pyrolysis – Syncraft Engineering and Gallzeiner as project partners

Syncraft Engineering GmbH is continuously developing the product “das HolzkraftWerk” and, together with the MCI and the company Gallzeiner Luft-, Staub- und Abgastechnik GmbH, forms the project consortium for the “PyTail” project (pyrolysis detail), which is funded by the Tyrolean innovation fund. Here, the thermochemical process of pyrolysis in a Syncraft system is to be examined in more detail.

If complete conversion does not take place in this process stage and the thermochemical reactions are "dragged out", this situation can lead to a considerable deterioration in the gas quality, which subsequently affects the downstream components, such as gas scrubbers and gas engines. In addition, the quality of the discharged condensate and the by-product, the charcoal, can be negatively influenced.

In the course of the project, the following points will be examined in detail and their application will be optimized if necessary.

  • Mechanical conveying properties
    • Reactor filling level; Material backflow - influencing factors
    • Material residence time - in the reaction area and throughout the reactor
    • Material distribution in the reaction space - thorough mixing
    • Material changes due to material conveyance
    • When using different materials (natural wood, biogenic raw and residual materials)
  • Reaction properties
    • Variants of the reaction zone
    • Execution (material; steel, refractory cement) of the reaction zone
    • progress of reaction (degree of pyrolysis)
  • Influence of material
    • What changes occur if different biomasses are used?
    • Are there any problems with agglomerations?
    • Are there any problems with ash softening / sintering?


For further information, please get in touch with:

DI (FH) Benjamin Hupfauf
Teaching & Research Assistant
Department Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering
+43 512 2070 – 3243

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