November 23rd 2021

Knowhow partnership on app-based automation for everyone

Franka Emika GmbH and TQ-Systems GmbH become cooperation partners at the Center for Production, Robotics & Automation

Franka Emika received the German Future Prize in 2017 for its lightweight robot Panda. Thanks to its innovative configuration using apps - as well as very low investment costs - the “power tool for everyone” enables flexible support for manual processes even in low-volume production. Through cooperation with manufacturers such as AtlasCopco, JBC, ViscoTec, and SensoPart, screwing, soldering, gluing, and sorting processes can be configured from within an app in each case.

Thanks to the cooperation at the Center for Production, Robotics & Automation, Western Austrian industrial companies – but also students at the Entrepreneurial School® – have access to in-depth know-how and certified training in the use of the lightweight robot system. In addition to evaluating the systems on a “test before invest” basis, companies are supported in identifying economically viable areas of application and in implementing them as prototypes.

Benjamin Massow
Head of Center for Production, Robotics & Automation
+43 512 2070 3938

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