February 11th 2022

Celebrating Women in Science and Research 2022

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated on the 11th of February and is implemented by UNESCO and UN Women, in collaboration with intergovernmental agencies and institutions, as well as civil society partners, that aim to promote women and girls in science.

The day's purpose is to promote full and equal access to participation in science for women and girls and to recognize the critical role of women and girls in research & innovation - a mission which is fully reflected in the philosophy of the Entrepreneurial School® from the very beginning, which is committed to diversity, variety, openness and tolerance for all groups of people involved in all academic disciplines.

We wanted to know from some female MCI researchers* what excites them about their research field, what challenges they face, and what their recommendations are in terms of gender balance.

In addition, female MCI students* share their enthusiasm for their studies in scientific and technical fields.

* random selection from various research areas and study programs at MCI.