August 31st 2022

Project "Digitization of tacit knowledge": Project team gains Mountain Rescue Tyrol as important partner

The province of Tyrol funds important project for sustainable value creation

More than ever, it is important for the achievement of strategic corporate goals to include the relevance of the topics of knowledge and competence in entrepreneurial thinking in order to optimize processes and minimize frictional losses. Therefore, the project "Digitization of tacit knowledge - sustainable value creation through effective and practicable knowledge and competence management" was launched, which is funded by the province of Tyrol.

The aim of this project is to identify relevant tacit knowledge, to determine the central knowledge carriers and key positions, and to derive recommendations for companies on adequate procedures using digital tools in order to ensure a continuous transfer of knowledge.

In the summer of 2022, the project team contacted the Mountain Rescue Tyrol and informed them about the project and its goals. The project team, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Antje Bierwisch, is very pleased that with the Mountain Rescue Tyrol they were able to win a very important and significant institution for the province of Tyrol as an active project partner. In order to define the focus of the cooperation, a first workshop took place in July 2022 at the UMIT TIROL. In this workshop, various topics of the Mountain Rescue Tyrol were discussed in relation to knowledge and competence management and content-related focal points were determined, which will be examined in the first project phase within the framework of an empirical analysis. Based on this, the project team will develop optimization and new solution proposals for the mountain rescue in a next step.

Based on the findings of this project, MCI and UMIT will develop a structured approach, including support and training, to help Tyrolean companies foster the development and transfer of relevant, in particular critical, knowledge on a company-specific basis.


Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Antje Bierwisch
Management, Strategy & Innovation
+43 512 2070 – 4233


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From left to right: Antje Bierwisch (MCI Project leader), Thomas Volderauer (UMIT), Claudia Greier (Mountain Rescue Tyrol), Margit Raich (UMIT), Hermann Spiegl (Mountain Rescue Tyrol), Ulrich Huber (Mountain Rescue Tyrol), Maximilian Riml (Mountain Rescue Tyrol). Photo: © UMIT TIROL