March 23rd 2023

Technology transfer in sports

Technology & Life Sciences Forum on the topic of sports engineering in elite and popular sports

Sport is an indicator of health. A society that plays sports is generally much healthier than a society that plays little sports. Technology plays a key role in making sports more attractive in all age groups. Especially in the group of young people, a decline in sports can be seen. By linking technology and sports, this trend is being decisively countered.

At the beginning of March, MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® held another Technology & Life Sciences Forum with international guests and local cooperation partners on the topic of sports engineering in top-level and mass sports. The aim was to create an event on health and sports technology to which stakeholders and interested parties from business and industry, science and academia, as well as students and friends and partners of the MCI were invited. Conceived as an open lecture and teaching event and against a backdrop of presentations from business and academia, the Technology & Life Sciences Forum promotes networking and exchange and offers insights into R&D projects with MCI partners.

The broad spectrum of speakers attracted a correspondingly large number of participants to the forum. Nick Hamilton, Deputy Head of the Sports Engineering Group at Sheffield Hallam University, opened the series of lectures with "Technology transferred into medals". Meggy Hayotte, Professor at the Universite Côte D'Azure/Nice and currently Visiting Professor at MCI, spoke about the acceptance of technology in sports.

Carson Patterson, a performance diagnostician and coach at the Institute of Sports Science at the University of Innsbruck, has been coaching athletes for decades who have consistently achieved top results in their sports. He undertook a critical analysis of sports technology and provided insights into how to improve athletic performance. Andreas Linger from Absam/Tyrol, world champion and double Olympic champion in luge, was also able to inspire the audience with his presentation "High-tech meets craft". After his active career as an athlete, he stayed with the luge federation and is now head of technology there.

The forum was organized by Bernhard Hollaus, lecturer of the Department of Medical & Health Technologies with a focus on sports technology, electronics and machine learning. As head of the Health Tech research focus at MCI, he is also responsible for research and development in these areas and spoke at the forum about one of his specialties, data processing in sports.

The event received a lot of positive feedback. Students in particular found it exciting to gain insights from different speakers on these current topics and are already looking forward to the next Technology & Life Sciences Forum in the field of health and sports technology.

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