December 04th 2023

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Hololight secures 12 million dollars to advance the future of XR (Extended Reality)

This new investment will help expand and enhance the XR streaming platform "Hololight Hub" to help organizations build future-proof XR infrastructures and foster new forms of collaboration and digital workflows in 3D. The investment will also lead to further global expansion and accelerate further growth in the US.

Hololight is a leading specialist in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions for the enterprise market and has a vision to stream any XR (Extended Reality) application on Hololight Hub, the industry's first XR streaming platform. To accelerate the realization of this vision and the development of Hololight Hub, new funding of an additional 12 million US dollars has now been announced.

Hololight has been setting standards in XR streaming as a pioneer in the technology since 2015. The start-up soon brought MCI on board as a driver of technology and innovation and has enjoyed an intensive and fruitful collaboration with the Entrepreneurial School® since 2017, which was further intensified in 2018 with an investment.

Digital realities have now become part of everyday life. The Hololight Hub streaming platform has proven to be helpful in enabling the global availability and easy deployment of XR applications in a cost-effective way, empowering companies to use XR to improve their industrial processes in product development, manufacturing, training or service. In the era of spatial computing and industrial XR, XR streaming can solve key challenges related to industrial applications. It helps organizations achieve improved data security, infrastructure flexibility, high-quality XR experiences and global availability for their XR initiatives. Key industries include automotive, aerospace, engineering and many others.

Hololight has spent years perfecting its proprietary streaming technology, which now forms the backbone of its enterprise streaming platform. By streaming entire AR or VR applications via local servers and the cloud, Hololight Hub revolutionizes the XR experience by amplifying the quality, accessibility and security of immersive content while simplifying management and deployment.

The financing was led by European growth equity firm Flatz Hoffmann, with other key contributions from existing investors including EnBW New Ventures, Bayern Kapital and Future Energy Ventures. Following the company's Series A investment in December 2021, the new $12 million investment brings the company's total investment funding to $27 million.

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