January 05th 2024

CSHI provides a review of the year 2023 and visions for future research

Review and preview of projects and research work at the Center for Social & Health Innovation

The Center for Social & Health Innovation (CSHI) recently published its 2023 annual report, looking back on intensive research work and offering exciting prospects for future research projects.

The CSHI addresses current challenges in the social and healthcare sector. Its mission goes beyond scientific discourse by creating an evidence-based and action-oriented basis for decision-making for politics and society. The focus lies on topics such as health economics, health policy, digital media, AI & health, social dynamics & social policy as well as the practice of social work, social change & human rights.

In 2023, the research center was able to gain important insights for practice in the area of social and health challenges from ongoing and completed research projects. In addition to the ongoing projects, several new research projects were launched this year, such as the projects LYMAS: Life Strategies of Young Migrants in Ageing Societies, Mental Health Literacy in Children and Impact Measurement of Employment Projects in Tyrol (details of the projects can be found on the CSHI website, as well as directly in the 2023 Annual Report). A large number of new research ideas were also created and submitted in the form of project proposals.

In addition to its existing research priorities, the CSHI will continue to focus on new topics in order to meet the changing challenges of our time. Particular attention will be paid to innovative solutions in the field of digitalization and artificial intelligence in the social and healthcare sectors. Austria is facing challenges in this field, as 65-year-old citizens are expected to live a below-average number of healthy years compared to the rest of Europe. The labour shortage in the healthcare sector is worsening and demographic change is increasing the demand for healthcare and social services. Such factors pose unprecedented challenges for the social and healthcare sector. This is where the CSHI would like to step in and increasingly focus its research efforts. In addition to other social factors of digitalization in the social and healthcare sector, particular attention will be paid to the ‘digital divide’, i.e. the gap between people with and without or with limited opportunities and skills to use information and communication technologies. This should help to ensure that digital solutions are accessible to all sections of the population. At the same time, in addition to existing projects on this topic, future projects should address the topic of ‘misinformation’ even more strongly in order to contribute to improving the quality of health information.

The CSHI annual report provides a comprehensive review of the research center's highlights. The center looks optimistic into the future ahead and remains committed to its principles of making a sustainable contribution to social and health care through close cooperation with various stakeholders.

Click here for the CSHI Annual Report 2023.



Dr. Lukas Kerschbaumer, BA MA
Head of Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management | Bachelor
Center for Social & Health Innovation
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Laura Anna Schamberger, BSc MA
Assistant & Project Manager
Center for Social & Health Innovation
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CSHI review of the year 2023 and visions for future research. © Augustin Fernandez (Unsplash)