January 11th 2024

New MCI spin-off for automation technology

BlackBelt Automation GmbH supplies fully integrated automation solutions

In Asian martial arts, the black belt is a symbol of experience and expertise, and the Six Sigma method also uses this symbol to designate recognized specialists in process improvement. Nomen est omen: Black Belt Automation GmbH, a new MCI spin-off that specializes in the integration of automation and robot systems - in particular the automation of previously manual process steps - was founded at the beginning of the year. The founding of this company is the next logical step in meeting the high demand from manufacturing companies for automation solutions by identifying automation potential and developing functional prototypes.

Armin Lechner, MCI alumnus and long-time employee at the Center for Production, Robotics and Automation, has taken over the management of the innovative company as managing partner. This is where the transfer of knowledge takes place, which, alongside teaching and research, is one of the main pillars of the Entrepreneurial School® and benefits society in the form of commercial exploitation of expertise, new findings and technologies.

Rector Andreas Altmann is delighted, as "automation and robotics strengthens Tyrol as a business location, keeps local manufacturing companies competitive and also counteracts the shortage of skilled workers in the long term."

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