June 04th 2024

Young MCI researchers receive state funding

Tyrolean funding for young researchers in 2023 for seven exciting research projects

Every year, the state of Tyrol supports outstanding work by young scientists with funds from the Tyrolean Young Researchers' Grant (formerly the Tyrolean Science Grant). In 2023, 63 projects at eight Tyrolean universities were supported, seven of which went to selected projects by young researchers at MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®. As part of a Distinguished Guest Lecture at MCI, Austrian Minister of Labor Martin Kocher ceremoniously presented the certificates to the proud young researchers.

The variety of submitted work is great, and in addition to scientific quality, particular attention is paid to location relevance, practical relevance, and sustainability in the selection and assessment process. The research projects selected for funding on various topics from the fields of Technology & Life Sciences and Business & Society contribute to achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

The research quality, performance, and innovative strength of universities and research institutions depends on the quality and development potential of young scientists, which is why the province of Tyrol specifically supports qualified young scientists at Tyrolean universities. Funding is awarded based on a funding formula that depends on the size of the university. In addition, the state government follows the proposals of the Tyrolean higher education institutions, which subject the submitted projects to an external review beforehand.

The following scientists from the Entrepreneurial School® received the Tyrolean Young Researchers' Grant:

Simon Winkler – Medical & Health Technologies    
MIRAπ - training device with mirror therapy and haptic feedback for people with impaired finger function

Michael Kresta – Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering
Increasing the efficiency of waste wood gasification - optimization of process parameters and reduction of tar content in wood gas

Klemens Losso – Food Technology & Nutrition       
DARTing Ahead: rapid quality control of food using direct analysis in real-time mass spectrometry

Nina Schaaf – Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering
KOLA - Carbon sequestration and nutrient cycles in agriculture: tapping the potential of charcoal

Moritz Reisberger – Social Work      
Social problems & social work at a turning point? How professional solution processes of social workers develop in times of crisis

Lucas Schuchter – Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering 
NEHMO - Feasibility and potential analysis for site-specific applications of hydrogen in Tyrol

Thomas Gadner – Mechatronics      
Direct applications of artificial intelligence to DC-DC converters for control 

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Federal Minister Martin Kocher used his visit to the MCI to present the certificates

From left to right: Federal Minister Martin Kocher, Simon Winkler, Michael Kresta, LVPin Sophia Kircher, Thomas Gadner, Klemens Losso, Lucas Schuchter, Rector Andreas Altmann // ©MCI / Aaron Heimerl 

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