November 19th 2021

THINK BEYOND: Smart Decision Making and Great Ideas at TEDxInnsbruck

This year's edition of TEDxInnsbruck was all about revolutionary ideas, socially critical reflection and infinite possibilities. Twelve inspirational leaders showed how we can reflect critically and how we can live a happier life through our own decisions.

Think Beyond, TEDxInnsbruck 2021, ©JohannesRadlwimmer
Think Beyond, TEDxInnsbruck 2021, ©JohannesRadlwimmer

At the end of September, MCI was once again the exclusive university partner and supporter of this year's edition of TEDxInnsbruck. Twelve inspiring speakers proved once again how everyone could create great impact. In 18 minutes each, they showed how disruptive technologies, street art, female empowerment, emotion and music, and even self-determination and the ability to make our own decisions influence and change our lives every day.

One of these leaders was our MCI professor Johannes Siebert. Making decisions is not really an easy task and often leads to frustration and self-doubt. In his inspiring keynote, Johannes Siebert showed how to make better decisions simply and systematically and subsequently live a more satisfying life. It is important to be the architect of your own decisions. This means actively deciding which decision-making situations you want to deal with, knowing your own goals and using them to identify more and better options for action. Through the concepts and exercises proposed by Professor Johannes Siebert, decisions can be made more purposefully. In this way, one can ensure that the best possible options for action are actually available: "Decisions are the only way to actively influence what is important to you, your business or your family and friends. You are the architect of your own happiness." If you want to learn how to make better decisions, you can register for the free MCI online course "Proactively Making Smart Decisions".

Other speakers such as Jake Cohn, US free skier, or queer activist and MCI alumni Ronja Zwiesel showed that social constructs and social labels should not hold people back from success, self-love and happiness. They signaled that there is no precise definition of "being normal" and that it is time to think beyond the ordinary. Anna Strigl, influencer and graduate of the Department of Business & Management, also supported this statement. In her Tedx Talk, she reminded us that the opinion of others should not be decisive for one's own success. To be happy and successful, you need courage, risk and the willingness to leave familiar routines aside.

TEDxInnsbruck 2021 was a complete success and an important impulse to once again think outside the box and allow different perspectives. MCI is a proud partner of the event and congratulates all students involved in the organization and realization of TEDxInnsbruck.

TED is a non-profit organization from New York and aims to spread new thinking, innovative ideas and visions. In technical, social, scientific and artistic fields, it aims to provide a platform to share ideas with a broad audience. TEDx is a program of local and self-organized events that bring people together and inspire them to think differently. TEDxInnsbruck is run by a dedicated team around Hannah Försterling and MCI student Marijan Divkovic who mentioned the following about the event:

It was a lot of fun organizing TEDxInnsbruck with our team. We were especially proud to provide our Austrian speakers a stage and to show the world inspiring ideas and outstanding accomplishments from Austrian individuals. The event was definitely a complete success and we already looking forward to the next event!“

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