February 02nd 2023

Start up Fingu & MCI team up

Viennese EduTech startup Fingu around MCI alumnus Daniel Bayer starts close strategic cooperation with MCI

Signing of partnership agreement

The signing of the contracts took place in the office of GPK Pegger Kofler & Partner | Attorneys at Law. (f.l.t.r. Daniel Bayer, Marlon Eibl, Lucas Chanet, Andreas Altmann, Benjamin Suitner, Johannes Waldner)

The world of finance has changed dramatically over the past three years. Exciting innovations triggered by FinTech companies have largely democratized access to the capital market. As a result, more and more people began to look into the topic of finance and sought the path to the trading floor. The big dilemma? While the economy was developing at breakneck speed, financial education could not keep up, and small investors in particular were left below their means.

The young Viennese EduTech startup Fingu has dedicated itself to this very task and was set up by Daniel Bayer and his colleagues while they were still studying "Business Administration Online" at MCI. The goal is to familiarize the general public with the important topic of finance and retirement planning and to provide everyone with the necessary tools to successfully participate in the market. Through an interactive as well as intuitive learning experience, users are familiarized with these important topics.  At the same time, renowned experts from the industry share their knowledge and views on the individual topics.

"Generally, it's great that young people actively deal with their financial future and thus also deal with the stock market. But it can end disastrously if there is no sound knowledge. With Fingu, we want to do real educational work", explains Fingu Co-Founder Marlon Eibl.

MCI as a key partner

The MCI, as an internationally networked Entrepreneurial School®, has also noticed this undesirable development in the market and welcomes Fingu's project. In the course of intensive support and consultations together with the Entrepreneurship Center, it gradually became clear that the MCI would like to pull together to raise the project and the newly founded company to a new level. MCI therefore decided to become involved in this socio-politically important task and to contribute its know-how, network and resources.

MCI Rector Andreas Altmann states, "MCI is taking a ten percent stake in the young Viennese start-up company because the cause is important to us and we are convinced by the way Fingu approaches the subject. Financial education provided by a neutral party and with competence has to start in early childhood, be included in school and university curricula, and be broadly anchored in society. Together, we have set ourselves the goal of rethinking financial education and anchoring it broadly."


About Fingu

Fingu is an EduTech startup from Vienna and was founded in April 2022. Users get access to financial education courses on the platform in the form of a subscription model, which teaches them how to invest in the stock market. The company relies on three primary pillars: Focused, Interactive, Proven. All knowledge as well as insights into the world of finance are developed with renowned experts in the financial industry. Fingu offers both B2C and B2B solutions and aims to rethink the financial world. Recently, the Entrepreneurial School® MCI has become part of the company.

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