June 13th 2023

Successful pitching event: MCI and Tiroler Adler support start-ups at 4th Young Eagle Program

MCI and Tiroler Adler Runde: Joint initiative promotes Tyrolean start-ups and strengthens regional entrepreneurship

Startup presents in front of experts
At the Young Eagle Program, young entrepreneurs meet experienced business experts ©MCI

MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® and the Tiroler Adler Runde jointly hosted an exciting pitching event as part of the 4th Young Eagle Program on Monday, June 5, 2023. Four promising start-ups had the unique opportunity to present themselves in front of the experienced members of the Tiroler Adler Runde and receive valuable support from established entrepreneurs.

The event offered the start-ups a unique opportunity to present their business model in front of a renowned group of experts and to benefit from their experience and know-how. The young entrepreneurs presented their innovative ideas with passion and determination while highlighting the challenges and opportunities of their respective industries.

Following the presentations, the start-ups had the opportunity to face the intense questions of the Tiroler Adler Runde. The members showed great interest in the business models, inquired about the long-term strategies and offered valuable insights from their own entrepreneurial experience.

The main goal of the pitching event was to offer the startups support and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs. The Tiroler Adler Runde stands for a value-oriented entrepreneurial culture and is committed to strengthening the Tyrolean economy and promoting family businesses. Through direct exchange, the young founders were able to benefit from valuable advice that will help them to further develop and successfully implement their business ideas.

The MCI plays a crucial role in promoting entrepreneurship and supporting start-ups. As an Entrepreneurial School®, the MCI offers students and graduates the ideal framework to foster entrepreneurial spirit and drive their entrepreneurial activities forward. The close collaboration with the Tiroler Adler Runde enables young start-ups to connect with well-established entrepreneurs and benefit from their expertise.

The pitching event as part of the 4th Young Eagle Program was a great success for all involved. The startups received valuable feedback and were able to expand their network, while the members of the Tiroler Adler Runde were able to share their expertise and contribute to the promotion of the regional entrepreneurship and start-up ecosystem. Through such events and initiatives, the conditions are created to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit in Tyrol and to sustainably promote the regional economy.


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