March 29th 2024

MCI participates in Erasmus+ project CURATE to support migrant students

Promoting inclusion and diversity through education and entrepreneurship

Commitment to diversity in entrepreneurship. ©MCI / Anna Geisler
Commitment to diversity in entrepreneurship. ©MCI / Anna Geisler

MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® has been a consortium member of the Erasmus+ project CURATE since the beginning of 2024. As part of the Ulysseus network, an alliance of European universities in which MCI is also involved, CURATE represents a further link between education and entrepreneurship and focuses on the needs of students with a migration background.

CURATE: Enhancing Inclusion
CURATE plans to develop an incubator program that facilitates the entry of students with a migration background into the business world. The focus is on imparting future-relevant skills, taking into account the target group's individual learning styles.

The MCI collaborates closely with other universities and partners within the CURATE project. Various activities are planned, including co-design activities and virtual and on-site bootcamps, which are part of a comprehensive virtual incubator curriculum. These activities are designed to actively involve students in the design process.

Expectations and Goals
In addition to developing an entrepreneurship-oriented curriculum, CURATE aims to incorporate AI-based solutions. The main objective is to provide students with practical experience and insights into the business world by working on real international projects.

Engagement for Diversity
Michael Kraxner, CTO of MCI and Chief Scientific Officer of the Ulysseus Network, emphasizes the importance of the project: “CURATE allows us to make an important contribution to equal opportunities in education and supports migrant students on their way into the business world. This underscores our commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

MCI is pleased to participate in the CURATE project and looks forward to making a valuable contribution to society, expanding educational opportunities in collaboration with project partners.

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