March 22nd 2021

MCI Earth Day 2021 – Participate & register now!

On 22 April 2021, MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® is planning the first “MCI Earth Day”, an event focussed on promoting social and environmental responsibility, the SDGs, and responsible management.

To this end, an event planning competition was held to gather ideas and concepts from students motivated to organise the event.

Many students took the chance to develop creative concepts for the MCI Earth Day 2021 and thus promote responsible management education and sustainability at MCI. The jury, consisting of representatives of the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce, hollu Systemhygiene Tirol, alpS, MCI ÖH and the MCI PRME team, was therefore faced with a particularly difficult challenge in mid-November: to select the best creative event concepts from the numerous submissions.

In the first round, three teams impressed with their innovative and sustainable event concepts and made it to the final round, where they had to present their ideas in a short pitch and then face the questions of the jury.

  • Team: Sonja Höller, Marina Kaanova, Anna-Lisa Nürk and Stefanie Walter
  • Study programme: Master Management, Communication & IT
  • Concept: act!

The winning team will send visitors of the "MCI Earth Day" on a virtual scavenger hunt through MCI and Innsbruck. At various locations, QR Codes will reveal videos or short bits of information on the SDGs, sustainability, and CSR. The content will be provided by various departments at MCI itself, partner companies, public authorities and other partner organisations. The information collected will be required to solve a quiz. The gamification concept makes learning and information gathering fun and entertaining!

So make a note of April 22, 2021 in the calendar for “MCI Earth Day”!

Congratulations to our winners! The winning team will receive the digital badge MCI Ambassador in addition to a prize money of € 900. We can all look forward to an instructive and entertaining scavenger hunt combined with a quiz!


  • Team: Lukas Raum, Magdalena Kwiecień, Melanie Maiello, Tomi Byrnes, Selina Walcher
  • Study programme: Business & Management
  • Concept: Everyone is ResponsAble

This concept includes a Social Media Challenge preceding “MCI Earth Day” to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals. On Earth Day itself, the team planned a market place, various workshops, guest lectures and panel sessions. Podcasts and campaigns in the social media will continue to keep the discussion alive after Earth Day.

Congratulations on € 700 prize money and the successful pitch!


  • Team: Carmen Kehrer and Katrin Pfauser
  • Study programme: Business Administration Online
  • Concept: MCI

At the heart of this concept are exciting events and exhibitions at MCI on ethics, social and ecological responsibility and sustainability. A special highlight among many is the Repair Café!

We congratulate on € 400 prize money and the very well structured and well thought-out concept.


Thanks to our jury

We would like to thank the members of the jury for their time and commitment as well as for their financial support.

  • hollu System Hygiene GmbH (Simon Meinschad & Christiane Lohse)
  • Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce (Marlene Hopfgartner & Désirée Stofner)
  • alpS (Daniela Hohenwallner-Ries)
  • ÖH MCI (Siefgried Neiß)
  • MCI (Wendy Farell, Regina Obexer, Janine Prokesch, Julia Waldegger)

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