April 26th 2022

iDM site Matrei in East Tyrol under expansion

iDM Energiesysteme Gmbh, cooperation partner of the Entrepreneurial School®, builds large parking garage and new production hall | Investment of 35 million euros in site expansion

The heat pump manufacturer iDM Energiesysteme GmbH is further expanding its company site in Matrei in East Tyrol. At the end of March, ground was broken for a large parking garage directly opposite the production site. This is to be extended in parallel by a further production hall.

"The demand for heat pumps is unbroken. In 2021, we were able to increase sales by 45 percent again. With the additional hall, we will be able to produce over 32,000 heat pumps per year for the European market in Matrei in the future," reports the technical managing director, Christoph Bacher. Directly adjacent to the new high-bay warehouse, the new "Hall 8" is being built on a recently acquired plot of land. The additional hall for the production of iDM heating systems should be in place by mid-2023 and provide around another 250 jobs in the company, which currently has 610 employees.

"By the end of 2023, the iDM energy family should grow to 850 employees. Therefore, the demand for appropriately qualified key employees and smart technicians will continue unabated in the coming years. The dual study program 'Smart Building Technologies', which was developed in cooperation with MCI – The Entrepreneurial School®, offers the ideal prerequisite of a targeted and efficient training for qualified employees," reports company owner Manfred Pletzer.

The seven-story parking garage will provide 530 parking spaces for iDM employees. ©iDM Energiesysteme GmbH

The seven-story parking garage will provide 530 parking spaces for iDM employees. ©iDM Energiesysteme GmbH

Following the recent commissioning of the high-bay warehouse built last year, the new garage with 530 parking spaces is now being built and is scheduled for completion in September 2022. "Our plans envisage a doubling of the production area and a further increase in the number of employees at the Matrei site. Accordingly, we also have to adapt the infrastructure," explains Hans-Jörg Hoheisel, Commercial Managing Director of iDM.

The new garage for iDM employees is being built on around 1,500 square meters of floor space. "Land consumption is always an issue, we are deliberately building upwards and want to grow sustainably," emphasizes company owner Manfred Pletzer. "The alternative would have been a parking lot, which would have sealed 20,000 square meters of soil." The two new buildings will be equipped with photovoltaic modules in order to act sustainably here as well. "With a total of 35 million euros, we are investing more than ever before in the site expansion," Pletzer states.
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