October 05th 2022

Smart Energy saving

Saving energy in smart ways – Silvia Öttl in an ORF studio interview

Saving energy in the home – a topic that concerns us all. Silvia Öttl, Senior Lecturer in the "Smart Building Technologies" degree program, was invited as an ORF studio guest on October 3, 2022. She deals with the topic of energy both in her teaching and in current research projects and was thus able to provide assessments and tips for the potential savings in Tyrolean households.

Through practical examples, Silvia Öttl conveys awareness for energy-efficient action through technical knowledge. For example, her students calculate how much electricity and thus money an LED lamp (10 watts) can save compared to a conventional light bulb (60 watts) – at a cost difference of 20€ per lamp per year, it is worth taking a look at individual, even smaller, power guzzlers in the household.

Further tips for energy-efficient action in the household:

  • Identify large electricity guzzlers – quick and easy to check with an electricity meter.
  • Consider purchasing more energy-efficient appliances
  • Oven: Switch to convection instead of top and bottom heat and enjoy energy savings of 20%.


The ORF studio talk is available in the ORF TVThek until October 10, 2022: Saving energy in the household

During the three-day Career Seminar, Lars Oberwinter (Plandata GmbH, 2nd from left) presented the basic principles of BIM to the students of the dual Bachelor's program

In the area of lighting technology, for example, several energy-efficient measures can be taken in the household – from the choice of long-lasting light sources to dimming functions and conscious lighting duration. © Pexels

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