December 23rd 2022

2nd Career Seminar on BIM at MCI

At the request of the "Smart Building Technologies" bachelor program, a second training series on the topic of "Building Information Modeling" was initiated. The Career Seminar "Planning the Future: Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Advanced" with focus on the BIM software "Autodesk Revit" inspired 22 students and employees of the Entrepreneurial School®.

Alexander Diebalek and Oliver Philips, BIM managers at the PORR subsidiary pde Integrale Planung GmbH, provided participants with in-depth insights into the holistic BIM working method over the course of 3 days. The software Autodesk Revit was in the application focus. 

On the basis of a model of the MCI new building project, which is being implemented by the PORR ORTNER consortium, the instructors introduced the BIM use cases of design, construction process, building documentation and costing.

The BIM software Revit fully maps the project. On the project plattform "Autodesk Construction Cloud" (ACC) users can prepare 2D and 3D models directly in the web browser, display them overlaid and manage them in parallel. Views can be defined via the overall coordination to link different trades – for example, the structural elements can be displayed together with the pipelines or power lines, and window and door recesses can be shown and hidden. The changed versions of the planning can be displayed in Revit in comparison, as well as contractual coordination and document transfer. In this way, the documentation of the work performed and the further adjustment of the upcoming work steps can be made comprehensible to and by all those involved.

Getting to know the variety of tasks of a BIM manager in large projects in practice was the thematic conclusion of the three-day Career Seminar. To this end, the participants worked in groups to simulate the process of digital construction planning.

The Career Seminar was rounded off digitally by a guest lecture: From the headquarters in Luxembourg, Caner Dolas talked about the possible uses of the "GAMMA AR" app, which supports the coordination of work areas on construction sites.

Via augmented reality (AR), for example, site managers, engineers, architects, project managers and representatives of all trades involved can scan the building elements on the construction site using a smartphone or tablet, identify and document possible adjustment requirements and import the revised data through an interface to the BIM software.

The Entrepreneurial School® thanks for the dedicated communication of the diverse application possibilities of BIM.

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Our lecturers

Oliver Philips has been working as a project manager in BIM management at pde Integrale Planung GmbH, an independent subsidiary of the PORR Group, since 2015. He built up his enthusiasm for BIM since 2008 as a staff member at the CAAD Chair of RWTH Aachen University during his architecture studies. In addition to his interest in BIM, he is currently expanding his expertise in modern construction project management with a master's degree in "Lean Construction Management".

Alexander Diebalek has been working as a BIM manager at pde Integrale Planung GmbH since 2018 and has been team leader of BIM management since 2021. In addition to his diploma studies in architecture (Vienna University of Technology) as well as MBA studies (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, focus on project management), he completed various study abroad stays (including 9 months in Shanghai). Diebalek now has 15 years of professional experience in the construction industry as well as BIM experience in several major projects. His main topics include the interweaving of modern project management processes with the BIM way of working.