March 03rd 2023

Confident final presentation on IKB-funded research project at MCI

Project assistant Nicolas Soehlemann reports on the potential for optimization in Tyrolean energy communities.

The research project "Optimization potential of energy generation and energy storage in Local Energy Communities in Tyrol" is made possible by research funding from Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG (IKB). Based on this project, Nicolas Soehlemann developed his bachelor thesis "Assessing renewable energy technologies for Tyrolean energy communities" in the course of studies "Environmental, Process and Energy Engineering". In conclusion to his findings, he presented the optimization potentials in Tyrolean energy communities on February 27, 2023.

Here, in addition to energy storage (based on batteries or thermal variants) as well as developments on car sharing, Nicolas addressed the generation plants and their potentials; for example, rooftop photovoltaic plants are preferred in renewable energy communities. In the field of wind energy, there is no standardized application in Tyrol yet; vertical wind turbines offer themselves for a more complementary use to PV systems, but are associated with higher costs. Small hydropower also offers itself for diversification of the energy system of a Tyrolean energy community, but its potential development is still limited by complex approval processes. Solar thermal modules, as well as thermal storage systems are only interesting in the presence of a local or district heating network. Soehlemann also sees development potential for photovoltaic and heat pump technologies in the Tyrolean context. In the field of energy storage, the coming years will offer great potential for bi-directional charging and second-life batteries as the number of electric cars increases.

Since February 2022, Nicolas supported as project assistant in the research project of Silvia Öttl, senior lecturer in the dual bachelor degree program "Smart Building Technologies". The entire department "Environmental, Process and Energy Engineering" wishes Nicolas all the best for his future professional and private goals and thanks him for his consistently outstanding achievements in his studies and project work.

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