May 31st 2023

Invitation to East Tyrol: Corporate partners HELLA and iDM

At their production sites in Abfaltersbach and Matrei, the corporate partners HELLA and iDM offered the dual student cohorts of 2021 and 2022 extensive insights into entrepreneurial practice in addition to the course offerings.

In the course of two tours of the respective plants as well as product presentations, the students of the Smart Building Technologies study program were recently warmly welcomed by our corporate partners HELLA and iDM.

After the tour of the HELLA halls in Abfaltersbach, Manuel Stanglechner, Head of Automation and Control Technology, rounded off the company presentation with insights into the diverse product portfolio. At the iDM main site in Matrei, which is currently undergoing the last constructional expansion, the technical managing director Christoph Bacher, after detailed words on the development of heat pump technology in Austria, demonstrated the current prototypes from the first plans to the deliverable product.

In this way, all students were able to get to know the factories and work processes of these partner companies with a focus on sun and weather protection technology (HELLA) and heat pump technology (iDM) and to experience the respective expertise in the everyday working environment.

The detailed insights, especially into the current production processes, will certainly remain in the students' memories for a long time. The study program is looking forward to further visits and would like to thank all participants for their generous support!

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Prof. Dr. Werner Stadlmayr | Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Smart Building Technologies
Prof. Dr. Werner Stadlmayr Head of Department & Studies
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