July 27th 2023

Dual studies at SPIEGLTEC: combining theory and practice creates future prospects

As corporate partner of the Entrepreneurial School®, SPIEGLTEC offers the dual bachelor's program "Smart Building Technologies". The tertiary education enables students to combine theory and practice in a direct way. Thus, the innovative study program not only offers attractive career opportunities, but also a forward-looking training model to combat the shortage of skilled workers.

Choosing the right course of study presents many young people with considerable challenges. On the one hand, personal interests have to be weighed up against future career prospects, and on the other hand, the financing of the education also has to be carefully planned. Until recently, Laura Dachauer (22) and Evelyn Hanser (32), who both aspire to careers in the technical field, faced similar questions.

While Laura, as an HTL graduate (with "HTL" as abbrevation for "Höhere Technische Lehranstalt" meaning an Austrian secondary school with a techninal or engineering focus), was already able to acquire some theoretical knowledge about construction technology and structural engineering, Evelyn gathered a wide range of practical know-how as a building services technician in the telecommunications sector. For their further professional specialization, the two technology-enthusiastic women decided to apply for the dual bachelor's study program in "Smart Building Technologies" offered by the Entrepreneurial School®. Unlike in conventional full-time studies, students here have to work in selected companies in order to gain real practical experience alongside their academic training. The Tyrolean company SPIEGLTEC, which offers state-of-the-art EPCM solutions for the pharmaceutical, chemical and life science industries, is one of the cooperation partners of the forward-looking degree program.

SPIEGLTEC Dual Bachelor students - from left to right: Evelyn Hanser, Laura Dachauer. ©SPIEGLTEC

In the meantime, Laura and Evelyn have been working at SPIEGLTEC since 2021 as part of their dual training and are thrilled with the numerous benefits and opportunities it opens up for them. "The Smart Building Technologies degree program is a prime example of how companies and universities can work together to create added value for students - we at MCI are delighted to be taking this leap into the future together with our strong partners!" affirms FH Prof. Dr. Werner Stadlmayr, Head of Department & Degree Programs Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering (BSc, MSc) at MCI.


The best of both worlds: Study and work life in harmony

The greatest advantage of the dual bachelor study program "Smart Building Technologies" is the ideal combination of theory and practice. As a result, students are able to apply the knowledge they have acquired at the MCI straight away in their everyday working lives. In addition, the experience gained in the companies is also addressed in the courses. "With the dual bachelor study program Smart Building Technologies, young people do not have to choose between working and studying, but get the best of both worlds. The continuous transfer of knowledge between university and companies creates fruitful synergies from which students, companies and our university all benefit greatly," says Silvia Öttl, PhD, Senior Lecturer at MCI.


Working at SPIEGLTEC: Open team culture and exciting EPCM projects

As part of their employment, Laura Dachauer and Evelyn Hanser work in the technical building equipment department. In doing so, they are involved in a variety of exciting EPCM projects such as the planning of technical room equipment for hospitals or production plants for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. What the two particularly appreciate about their job is the open team culture, which makes for a pleasant working atmosphere and an ideal introduction to the world of SPIEGLTEC. "During onboarding, we were given a mentor who introduced us step by step to the various areas of responsibility. This allowed us to quickly integrate into the team and work independently on projects," explains Evelyn Hanser.

The good cooperation within the teams is largely based on the flexible and open communication approach that is pursued at SPIEGLTEC. Since many employees work at different locations, coordination usually takes place quickly and unbureaucratically via digital tools, such as MS Teams. This also makes it possible to work from the home office, depending on preference. At the same time, Laura and Evelyn also have regular site visits to evaluate the progress of a project on site. "It's a very nice feeling when you see a long-planned project in reality for the first time," Laura Dachauer tells us enthusiastically.

Team spirit is also very important at SPIEGLTEC outside of project work. For example, team events are held at regular intervals, inviting employees to participate in sports activities and social gatherings with colleagues. The many benefits for employees at SPIEGLTEC are rounded off by financial compensation, such as a meal allowance, as well as attractive opportunities for further training, through which specializations and additional qualifications can be continuously expanded.


Attractive career opportunities in a growing industry

The dual bachelor study program opens up diverse and attractive career opportunities in the field of technical building equipment. Future fields of activity for students include building automation and water supply as well as ventilation, heating and air conditioning technology. Graduates of the program are in high demand on the labor market, as they have extensive practical know-how thanks to their relevant work experience, and there is a high demand for qualified specialists in the industry as a whole. Laura and Evelyn are also optimistic about the future: after completing their bachelor's degree, both would first like to gain more work experience and possibly pursue a more in-depth master's degree.


With the kind support of ©SPIEGLTEC

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