August 09th 2023

Climate-neutral: ATP Innsbruck plans green brewery in Schechen

ATP CO2 tool in practice

In times of climate change and resource scarcity, companies are striving more than ever to construct and operate sustainable buildings. This is also the case for the traditional brewery Flötzinger from Rosenheim, which is having a new brewery built in Schechen in Upper Bavaria. In 2022, ATP architekten ingenieure was awarded the contract for the integral planning of the modern new building with bottling plant, logistics, tank farm and brewhouse with a focus on environmental awareness. The goal: climate neutrality.

Already in the integral preliminary project, the ATP team dealt intensively with the topic of sustainability and carried out various studies - for example, on the optimal placement of the building structure and on the grey and red emissions. The data was evaluated using the in-house "ATP-CO2-Tool", which has already won the renowned Green-BIM Award.

Flötzinger Brewery. © ATP

Building: grey energy

ATP developed different building variants for the supporting structure and the façade and compared the CO2 emissions [kg CO2 equ./m2]. The requirements of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) were used for comparison.

  • Variant 1 with a roof structure and a façade made of wood has a value of 390 kg CO2 equ./m².
  • Variant 2 with a panel façade instead of a wooden façade achieves a value of 460 kg CO2 eq./m².
  • Variant 3 with a reinforced concrete roof structure has a value of 48 kg CO2 equ./m²

The decision was made in favor of variant 1 with a roof structure and a facade made of wood. This choice reduced CO2 emissions by a total of 1,186,000 kg CO2 equ. compared with a roof structure made of reinforced concrete and a panel facade. This is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of approximately 10 million kilometers driven by car.

Operation: red energy

In addition to gray energy, red energy was also taken into account in order to make the building operation as environmentally friendly as possible. By planning a sustainable heat supply concept with a heat pump and a large-scale photovoltaic system on the roof, CO2 emissions for operating energy were reduced far below the CO2 benchmark set in the ATP Green Deal.


With the kind support of © ATP

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