February 05th 2024

Making air quality visible: SBT in search of fluid dynamic traces

Simulation of room ventilation conditions in a laboratory environment at MCI

Last week, the third-semester students on our dual study program Smart Building Technologies were able to gain further application-oriented experience in sustainable building technology: as part of a laboratory exercise day as part of the "Fluid Dynamics" lecture, the SBT students were able to investigate the flow in lecture hall 4A-024 at the MCI Campus Technology & Life Sciences experimentally and simulatively and carry out simulations to improve ventilation.

Guided by lecturer Manuel Berger, the students were able to use LDA (Laser Doppler Anemometry) to non-invasively determine the velocity with stationary boundary conditions in a 1:100 scale model using laser optics. For local positioning, a robot and a RobotStudio plugin were used, which was developed by MCI alumni Johannes Sieberer (graduate of the MCI master's programs Medical & Sports Technologies and Industrial Engineering & Management) and MCI employee Thomas Hausberger (Department of Mechatronics) and made this investigation possible in the first place.

The results of the laboratory exercise show that flow simulations based on the finite volume method fit very well with the LDA measurements. In addition, the room was simulated in its original size. The Reynolds similarity theory could be confirmed with the simulation, so that investigations on a scale of 1:100 are permissible. In the laboratory environment, the students were able to measure the real conditions and simulate suggestions for improvement using the model, without being hindered by their application.

The study program would like to thank Manuel Berger for his diverse teaching methods with practical approaches for our students.

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