February 28th 2024

SBT partner company HELLA impresses at the world's leading trade fair R+T 2024

High-quality trade fair stand concept | HELLA CUBE and WALL sales concept | new ONYX tags | test and development partnership with innovation award winner Gluetex

The two-storey HELLA trade fair stand, including an oversized sun at the stand entrance, attracts everyone's attention at the R+T trade fair in Stuttgart: the company presents its vision of the sun shading trade of the future over an area of 600 square meters.

The new sales, dealer and exhibition concept, which was presented for the first time, proved to be a crowd-puller. Andreas Kraler, Managing Partner of the HELLA Group, is delighted with the crowds and the great interest shown by trade visitors: "The trade fair stand is a real eye-catcher and the HELLA CUBE world of experience is without doubt the highlight of our trade fair presence! We have largely opted for a closed concept including fixed appointments so that we can concentrate fully on talking to existing and new customers. They can discover the new world of experience and it gives us the opportunity to plan joint business development with our customers in a relaxed atmosphere and in peace and quiet." 130 presentation slots for the CUBE had already been allocated before the start of the trade fair. "The rush for the remaining places for last-minute bookings is enormous and we are delighted to be able to offer them individual advice too," says Kraler. "The first few days of the trade fair have exceeded our expectations - we are starting the project planning phase with many customers immediately after the trade fair."


The showroom of the future  inspiring end consumers with emotions

With the new CUBE and WALL concepts, HELLA provides turnkey high-end sales tools that promise to maximize sales for dealers and partners, create new opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling, increase the closing rate and simplify the purchasing process. End consumers are quicker and more confident in their purchasing decisions after visiting a retailer with CUBE or WALL.

The CUBE experience is not just a visual highlight – with an impressive mix of sound and light effects as well as a wide variety of individual and live visualizations, the CUBE offers an innovative experience for all the senses for end consumers and architects. The areas of arrival, well-being, advice and technology create a holistic experience. The full CUBE showcases the entire HELLA range of sun shading products for windows and façades as well as outdoor living.

The innovative HELLA shop-in-shop concept requires 40 square meters of sales space and is divided into three zones. First, the consultation begins under a pergola. Using the digital interface integrated into the table, dealers can find out about the individual living comfort requirements of buyers. They are playfully guided through a planetary system with the sun at its center. The information provided there generates the image material and animations in the background for the experience in the second zone, the heart of the exhibition concept – the HELLA CUBE. In this multimedia experience space, customers can experience the product benefits with all their senses. On a large screen, individualized scenes of everyday living are combined with light and sound systems as well as sun protection systems to create a real sense of space. Afterwards, you move from the inside to the outside for a change of perspective. This gives the customer the opportunity to see the different effects of the individual blinds on the façade. The customer experience is rounded off in the third zone, where a tailor-made sun shading solution is developed during a comprehensive consultation. The focus is always on individual needs and customer benefits. If the customer is interested, technical details are also included in the sales talk at this point using hand samples.

In addition to the CUBE experience world as a large and compact shop-in-shop solution, the HELLA wall solution WALL is exhibited in the publicly accessible exhibition area in two different versions with product samples and digital content. The wall solution is an alternative to the CUBE and is suitable for exhibitions where less space is available. With a wall length of 3.3 meters and a height of 2.45 meters, the WALL offers a compact overview of the samples from the awning and external sun shading segments.

To make it as easy as possible for specialist partners, HELLA supplies fixed overall packages with a product sample mix of bestsellers, sales area equipment and shopfitting. The hardware supplied is supplemented by a complete media and marketing package, and the collaboration is based on a cooperation agreement including ongoing service and maintenance. HELLA also provides agency services for regional digital marketing in the dealer's catchment area if required.  


Innovation leadership in all areas: News from the HELLA ONYX world

The technology for digital control of the world of experience was developed by HELLA's own Automation and Control Technology department. HELLA launched the ONYX control system around ten years ago and has been developing it ever since. The two new sensors ONYX.TAG sun and ONYX.TAG temperature will be presented at the R+T trade fair. These discreet and elegant sensors – measuring just 4 x 4 centimeters – make it easy to combine various automation systems with ONYX control units.

The sun and brightness sensor ONYX.TAG sun continuously measures the brightness and controls shading systems fully automatically according to a freely adjustable threshold value. The battery-operated sensor can be easily attached to a metal plate on the façade or sun shading product and perfects glare and heat protection for outdoor areas. The setting range of the sensor is possible between 0 and 100,000 lux. The ONYX.TAG temperature humidity and temperature sensor is the perfect fully automatic temperature monitor for indoor use. It continuously measures the current temperature and humidity and controls shading systems according to freely adjustable threshold values between minus 20 and plus 60 degrees Celsius. Both sensors are magnetic and therefore easy to install.


Strong partnership for innovation: HELLA and Gluetex

HELLA proves that innovative strength is deeply rooted in the company's DNA not only by developing its own product innovations, but also as a sought-after testing and development partner for affiliated companies and suppliers. For around a year now, product management and design have been working together with Gluetex, a leading company in the textile sun protection industry. Their new TRail technology, which won gold and the special jury prize in the "Textile sun protection" category at the R+T Innovation Awards, tested its new patent on HELLA products and exhibited it at the trade fair. Dietmar Heil, owner of Gluetex, explains: "With the new patented TRail fabric guide for side seam-guided fabrics, we have developed a better alternative to zippers and thus created a new system for textile sun protection solutions such as vertical awnings, conservatories and patio roofs. HELLA was the ideal test partner for us: as a full-range supplier with a broad product range, decades of production experience and in-depth expertise in the processing of fabrics, HELLA was able to provide us with valuable and technically sound feedback during the test phase and thus make a significant contribution to the further development and optimization of the product."

Andreas Kraler is also delighted with the collaboration, as innovation and development are a top priority at HELLA: "Innovation has been firmly anchored in HELLA's DNA for 65 years. Regardless of how well business is going, we are driven by the desire to constantly improve the performance of our products. It was therefore immediately clear to us that we would be happy to be a test and development partner for the new TRail technology."



GLUETEX GmbH has been a leader in the textile sun protection industry since 2005. Following the successful introduction of the adhesive technology in the market for textile sun protection fabrics, the services of GLUETEX GmbH have also been offered in other markets since 2009. In addition to conventional hot-melt adhesive tapes for awnings and sun sails, GLUETEX GmbH offers a wide range of hot-melt adhesive films (hot-melt adhesive foils) and seam sealing tapes for a wide variety of applications.


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About our Partner Company

HELLA is one of Europe's leading suppliers of sun, light, and weather protection systems for buildings with headquarters in Abfaltersbach (East Tyrol). 1,300 employees generated sales of 217 million euros worldwide in 2022.

The product portfolio includes coordinated exterior and interior shading solutions, security systems, and corresponding electronic controls. HELLA pursues a premium strategy and supplies products and services from a single source.

Since 2021, HELLA has supported the comprehensive practice-oriented training of students as a partner company of the dual bachelor's degree program Smart Building Technologies in the field of sun and weather protection technology.