March 19th 2024

Listen up! Excursion to the AUDIOVERSUM

Experiencing acoustic worlds - dual study program Smart Building Technologies visits AUDIOVERSUM

As part of the "Building Physics" course with a focus on acoustics, students of the Smart Building Technologies degree program were given the opportunity to explore the AUDIOVERSUM in Innsbruck on March 15.

The excursion offered a unique opportunity to experience and deepen theoretical concepts of acoustics in a practical environment. The guided tour through the museum offered a structured insight into various aspects of acoustic perception and its physical foundations. Starting on the first floor, the scream chamber allowed students to develop a sensory feel for the unit of measurement "decibel" and experience the effects of different volumes on hearing.

Subsequently, various models of different objects such as bells, an aircraft turbine and much more were presented on the upper floor to illustrate the development of vibrations and their effects on acoustic perception. This gave the students an understanding of the diversity of acoustic phenomena in the real world.

A highlight of the tour was the 3D presentation of the human ear, accompanied by a sonorous explanation of the anatomical structures and processes underlying hearing. Potential dysfunctions of the auditory system were discussed to provide a comprehensive understanding of possible acoustic challenges.

The excursion was rounded off with an interactive demonstration of a model of hair cells in the ear. By being able to specifically block out certain sound frequencies and acoustically simulate various hearing impairments, the students were able to gain a deeper insight into the effects of noise exposure and hearing damage.

We would like to thank the AUDIOVERSUM team and our guide Robert for the informative and eventful tour, which enriched our understanding of acoustics and its importance in the field of building technology. The guided tour of the AUDIOVERSUM was definitely a symphony of knowledge and experience.

The degree program would like to thank the cohort representatives Andreas Griesbeck and Shpetim Gashi for their commitment in reporting on this excursion experience.

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