May 22nd 2024

Presentation-packed seminar days on “Building envelope” in the dual study program

Students of Smart Building Technologies gain practice-oriented skills for the academic discourse

Learning by doing is what our fourth semester students do in terms of their academic discourse skills.

In this year's three-day seminar part of the “Building Envelope” course, the 2022 cohort's students had the opportunity to gain their first conference experience and prepare for academic discourse in this lecture format.

From a well-prepared presentation and support as a chair to a Q&A session and detailed feedback from fellow students and the lecturer – the Smart Building Technologies students are already practicing for later off-campus conference experiences at the start of the second half of their studies.

For example, Jonas Seitner presented aspects of building physics and construction variants in timber construction – with illustrative material on the variants of the “natural solid timber wall”, the “solid timber wall” and the “frame wall”. The obvious great interest of the fellow students in this illustrative presentation was evident from the subsequent round of questions and discussion.

Mr. Seitner was supported by his fellow student, Robert Kühnst, who was able to gain practical experience as chair and take over the moderation, control, and bundling of the discussion.

A big thank you to our lecturer Silvia Öttl for offering this practice-oriented setting on the academic discourse.

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