June 28th 2024

First dual degree at MCI

The dual study program in Smart Building Technologies (SBT) celebrates first bachelor's degree with Johannes Ambach

Johannes Ambach will go down in university history as the first graduate of a dual study program in the state of Tyrol and in its form in the "European Region (Euregio) Tyrol - South Tyrol - Trentino".

Since Wednesday, June 26, 2024, the dual bachelor's degree program of Smart Building Technologies holds its first graduate. Head of Department & Studies Werner Stadlmayr, who chaired the final examination, the supervisor of the bachelor's thesis Silvia Öttl, Senior Lecturer in the program, and the second examiner Julian Huber, also Senior Lecturer in the program, were delighted together with Johannes about his completion of the dynamic three year pilot phase of the dual study program at MCI.

In his bachelor's thesis, Johannes dealt with the topic of "Gravitational vortex power plants as an energy source in the wastewater network of an industrial company" and examined the energy generation potential of the resource "wastewater" for the operation of turbines from an ecological and economic point of view.


The degree program as well as the entire department of Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering (UVET) would like to congratulate the new alumnus on successfully completing his studies and are looking forward to his fellow SBT students graduating in the future.


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