July 05th 2024

Excursion Finale at hollu Systemhygiene GmbH

First cohort of Smart Building Technologies completes excursion experiences – safety insights at company headquarters in Zirl

The diverse practical insights gained by SBT students during their study phases are also largely due to the commitment of our lecturers in leading excursions for our dual students.

The course would also like to thank Stefan Mader from TMC – Technisches Consulting GmbH, who rounded off his "Safety Engineering" course with an excursion. Last Friday, June 28, 2024, our sixth-semester students were able to gain an insight into the corporate measures of hollu Systemhygiene GmbH in fire and explosion protection as they are approaching the end of their studies.

Accompanied by fire protection officer Fabian Walch, the students were able to experience the theoretical principles taught in the course in practice at the hollu headquarters in Zirl: The area of plant-specific and structural fire protection was worked through in advance in the course, then the fire protection concept of this building was discussed and the implementation was viewed in real life on site in Zirl. The area of explosion protection was also prepared in advance and the theoretical concept was assessed during the on-site inspection.

Our students were also able to gain an impression of the logistical safety measures at hollu: The focus here was set on the storage rooms for storing flammable liquids and the tank farm. In the morning of the excursion day, theoretical analyses were carried out, followed in the afternoon by a practice-oriented assessment of fire protection and explosion protection – this is how closely theory and practice were interlinked in this course day.

The degree program would like to thank hollu Systemhygiene GmbH for the insights and lecturer Stefan Mader for his dedicated planning and know-how in the practice-oriented teaching of safety-related aspects.

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